“The helpful editorial teams are a pleasure to work with and do a lot of the heavy lifting — especially working with our clients for customer success stories.”

Rick Speyer
Global Marketing Manager Enterprise Applications
Cisco Systems Inc.

Customer Success Stories

Boast your customer successes to the SAP ecosystem

Show the ROI benefits of your solutions and services in action at customer sites with a customerPROFILE in insiderPROFILES magazine. Anyone can claim the value of their own solutions in a marketing piece, but a story told by your satisfied client, bolstered by customer quotes and testimonials, will enhance your credibility and help you win over prospects.

Examples of customerPROFILES published in past issues include:

Melissa Kikizas S.A. Enters a New Era of IT
Partner: IBM
Customer: Melissa Kikizas S.A.

Richemont Dials in Daily Precision Testing
Partner: Worksoft
Customer: Richemont

Fujitsu Untangles Sales Complexities
Partner: FPX
Customer: Fujitsu Network Communications