"We feel like this is our premier event because we meet so many customers that can use our solutions and are the right audience."

Shari Alexander
Director of Business Development and Strategic Accounts
Z Option

We know the SAP customers you want to reach!

Based on SAP customers’ purchase history and engagement with our brands, we know who the serious prospects are, where they live, and how best to reach them. Quite simply, we own the best SAP customer database in the business.

Through our digital programs, events, advertising opportunities, custom offerings, and distribution channels, you can connect with the specific SAP customers you want to reach.

Identify your target SAP customer audience by:

  • Business Role
    Select the titles of the audience you want to reach, including executives, directors, project leads, architects, developers, or administrators.
  • SAP Solution Area
    Identify a solution area focus to ensure that your message reaches prospects with a qualified interest. Solution areas include SAP HANA, BI, Financials, GRC, SCM, HCM, and more.
  • Industry
    Narrow down your audience to specific industries, such as Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Retail, and more.
  • Functional Departments
    Reach business and IT professionals who work in specific departments, such as finance, HR, logistics, project management, research and development, etc.
  • Geography
    Include SAP customers from all over the world or target your campaign to specific countries, regions, or continents.