"We’ve been partnering closely with SAPinsider for several years and they produce solid results with every engagement. Whether we’re looking for qualified leads, elevating the profile of our experts, or driving awareness of our brand, SAPinsider provides the most targeted opportunities to help us reach our marketing objectives."

Neil McConnell
Chief Operating Officer
Security Weaver

About Us

Many partners know SAPinsider as a producer of quality events, but our ability to gather qualified SAP customer audiences goes far beyond conferences and seminars. SAPinsider, along with insiderPROFILES, and the SAP Experts knowledgebases are produced by WIS Publishing. More than 250,000 professionals in 61 countries rely on publications, events, online resources, and technical books from WIS Publishing to help them improve their company’s ROI in information technology.

Leverage our market-leading educational brands through a wide portfolio of services to help you build and accelerate your sales pipeline, establish your experts as thought leaders, and drive your messaging into the SAP marketplace.

Top 6 reasons to engage with SAPinsider
  1. SAP relies on SAPinsider to drive their solution messaging - you should too!
  2. SAPinsider, a trusted educational resource, lends credibility to your brand
  3. Association with the SAP-endorsed SAPinsider brand aligns your company with SAP
  4. SAPinsider generates targeted audiences through focused SAP education, providing highly qualified leads
  5. SAPinsider leverages years of experience serving information SAP customers to easily tailor your message for your audience
  6. SAPinsider has the best SAP customer contact lists in the business
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